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    Winner of 2014 Montaigne Medal in Eric Hoffer Award

    Winner of 2014 Montaigne Medal in Eric Hoffer Award “Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth” by Author Woo Myung (Cham books) http://bit.ly/1oyY6l0 Each year, the Eric Hoffer Award for books presents the Montaigne…

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    International Conference on Human Completion 2014

    The Academic Society for Human Completion (ASHC) invites you to the 2014 International Conference of Human Completion to be held in UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) on Saturday, May 3, 2014. The theme of this…

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    Maum Meditation Method

    Maum meditation has a very simple systematic 7 level method of subtraction that allows you to free yourself from the stress and burden of life. It is so simple that anyone can do without limitation of…

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    Maum Meditation Talk Concert Jeju Island

    Maum Meditation began in November 1996 Established by Teacher Woo Myung. Currently, there are more than 330 meditation centers located around the world where over 300,000 people have practiced cleansing the mind and body using the…

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    The Writings of Woo Myung

    The books authored by Woo Myung, written with the true mind, are being translated into many languages, including English. Called ‘Ideal Literature’ they suggest the method to lead people to human completion.